QUIC Userstudies


We support the following languages: English German

About our user-studies

The goal of both user-studies is to assess the human-perceivable performance of the new Internet protocol QUIC for the web. Currently, the Internet relies on TCP to transport web.
To find out how humans perceive the changes introduced by the protocols, we aim to compare both protocols in various network environments. For this purpose, we designed two studies:

Publications and Results

You can find a summary of all publications, results, and data here. We want to thank all those who have contributed to our user-study.

What do we measure?

In both studies, we save besides the actual data inserted manually by our participants the following metadata:
  • The current time
  • Duration for completion
  • Focus stats
  • Selected language
  • Screen size
  • User-agent
  • IP-Address
  • Replay statistics of the videos
  • For microworkers: worker-ID